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Unlocking the Future: Foresight and Sustainability Insights from SF4S Consortium's discussion

The SF4S (Strategic Foresight for Sustainability) consortium met to participate in an engaging and enlightening webinar and panel discussion, focusing on the pivotal role of foresight as an emerging key competency.

Through extensive research and over 100 expert interviews, the SF4S consortium has unveiled a set of 'metacompentencies' that are shaping the future of various fields.

These competencies include:

  • Embracing multi-disciplinarity and trans-disciplinarity

  • Nurturing systems thinking

  • Leveraging digital capabilities

  • Grasping the broader context of activities

  • Developing social and cultural competencies such as networking, empathy, and narrative skills

  • Mastering new literacies to read the future as an ongoing practice

During the event, industry representatives shared their invaluable insights on how companies can drive sustainability and foresight into their core strategies.

For a deeper dive into these thought-provoking discussions, we invite you to watch the full video by following this link. Prepare to be inspired and empowered with the knowledge and perspectives shared.

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