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Briefing document: Health

Strategic Foresight for Sustainability (SF4S) is a collaborative action with partners from Higher Education institutions (HEIs), Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, innovation networks, and business entities from the Agri-food, Health, and Mobility sectors. SF4S supports the transition to a more sustainable European economy.

WP2 of the project consists of 130+ stakeholder interviews across Europe related to key challenges, opportunities, good practices, and required skills concerning foresight, sustainability, and digitalisation. The interviews were completed by the project partners.

This briefing document covers the key findings of the interviews for the Health cluster. Similar documents are available for the Agri-food and Mobility clusters. A draft version of the document was sent to consortium partners for comments March 2023. After subsequent revisions, this is the final version.

SF4S Health
Download PDF • 5.73MB

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